A New Year, a New Blog

I should exercise more. Worry less. Try meditating. Bake more with the girls. Vaccum less. Be still. Take naps. Play dollhouse and trains and build blocks without worrying that I should be doing something else instead. I should write. I love to write. In short, I should fill up spare moments with meaningful activity, and eliminate the insignificant tasks that consume and exhaust me and make me feel too busy or tired to engage in that which really matters.

I’ve written off and on for years in blog format, paper journals, Word documents. Each time I’ve come up short because I’ve either let the business of life take over, and let months and months pass by without writing. Or, I’ve gotten great ideas in my head that get stuck there because in trying to be perfect, to find just the right words to say what I’m thinking or feeling, attempts at writing turn into a long, drawn-out and painful process that seems best left for dead. Case in point: I’ve been working on this exact blog post at my parents’ house for over an hour. My dad keeps looking over at me typing steadfastly and alternately staring at my screen, and saying things like, “That must be one hell of a blog.” After the last time, I had to admit to him that I keep typing and deleting and typing again and deleting again. And that I’ve got all of two paragraphs going for me.

I’m a master procrastinator, making excuses and delaying that which I know I should be doing to live a better, healthier, fuller life. Why is that?!  This blog is a call to take part in a daily writing practice. It is an opportunity for me to find and make time in my day to do something I truly enjoy. To be still and introspective. To be creative. I hope it will be a spark to ignite other areas of my life, creating positive, impactful change. And, I hope you’ll enjoy being along for the ride. Thanks for reading!


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