I Went Through an Entire Box of Kleenex Today (so we’ll keep this short).

It’s Friday night after a LONG week back to work. Everyone at our house is now sick with a raging cold. Around the dinner table this evening sat two whiny kids and two cranky parents. The girls refused to eat anything on their plates and demanded to sit in our laps (which we did not allow until we finished eating). So, that meant we enjoyed our dinner while listening to intermittent crying, sniffling, and coughing from our little, and complaining and arguing from our big about why we should not hurt her feelings by refusing to permit her access to our laps until we’d finished our meals.

I’m currently typing this post out on my iPhone as I bathe in the tub with our youngest. Liam is tackling dishes while Nora watches an abnormal amount of TV before an early bedtime for all. Happy weekend, everyone!


A local eatery leaves a jar of props out on a table and encourages its patrons to use them to take photographs and post on Instagram using their name. Clever. Now I just need to get an Instagram account.


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