A Photo Post: Lobster Rolls and Playoff Football

We may no longer be living in New England, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate two of its favorites—Patriots football and lobster rolls. Today was a day for catching up on some much needed family time and lounging about the house. The girls and I are looking forward to another day off together tomorrow.


“Can I touch it, daddy?”


“Why do we have to be careful of its claws?”


“I’m going to pick it up.”


“Why do they like the cold water? And why don’t they like the hot water?” Ummm…because the hot water renders them dead so we can eat them.


“Frances. Look, but don’t put your fingers near the claws or you’ll get snapped.”


Enjoying a special dinner in the living room. The girls are seafood lovers! How lucky are we?

I got concerned as I was listening to the questions Nora was asking:

“What happens when the lobsters go in the hot water?”

“They die? Why do they die?” 

“Do they cry?”

Liam handled the lobster death talk beautifully. He explained to Nora that we need to be thankful any time we eat meat or fish because when we do an animal has given its life for us to enjoy it. Although this conversation nearly brought me to tears and made me question for 0.3 seconds the merits of becoming a vegetarian—must be the pregnancy hormones—it was a good reminder to give thanks for all the critters that end up on our plates.

In the end, Nora wasn’t phased or traumatized. She ate the hell out if that lobster, which incidentally she kept accidentally referring to as crab:

“Mommy, daddy this crab is just so good. I mean lobster. Ugh! Why do I keep saying that?!”

Total crack up. Looks like the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl.


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