Lollipops: Good for the tongue.

Our oldest has been to the dentist twice now in the past year for regular check-ups. Our dentist is a former classmate of mine, which always makes for a pretty funny visit.

Prior to our first visit I explained to our daughter that she was going to see a “tooth doctor.” I discussed all the things I believed the dentist was going to do, including how I thought she might get a prize at the end of the visit. She wanted to know what that might be. When I didn’t offer anything up, she asked, “Like a lollipop?” I laughed and told her no, the dentist would not give her a lollipop because they are not good for your teeth. Then she said, after some thought, “Well, but they are good for your tongue.”

Can’t argue with that! Now, if only I could discourage my mom from bringing several for her to eat on the days she watches the girls, our teeth would be happy. Our tongues, not so much.


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