Looking Ahead Two Months

Top 8 Things I’m Looking Forward to Once Maternity Leave Begins:

1. No more lesson plans and school work until the middle of August!

2. Spending more time at home with the kids.

3. Being able to find time in the day to go for walks.

4. Watching the Dan Patrick Show simulcast on weekday mornings.

5.  Enjoying coffee and breakfast at my leisure instead of in the car, on the way to work.

6. Spring!

7. Packing up my raggedy maternity clothes and getting them out of the house for good!

8. The 2-3-year countdown that will begin until baby #3 weans and I can once again enjoy more than two adult beverages in a sitting, share a bed with just my husband, sleep through the night, and hopefully a week’s vacation with my girlfriends!!

Top 5 Things I’m Dreading Once Maternity Leave Begins:

1. No more steady paycheck until the middle of August.

2. Spending all day, every day with three kids under age 5, during Liam’s most busy time of the year. What were we thinking?!

3. Having to reacquaint myself at some point in late summer with my school-year BFF, trusty old Medela, AKA the breast pump.

4. Losing out on precious time spent with other adults.

5. And that’s it! Life is going to be pretty good for a few months. Can’t wait!


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