An Unexpected Visit

Keeping the post brief tonight. My sister-in-law is here visiting from Martha’s Vineyard. She flew in to Philadelphia for a conference yesterday, and is having dinner and a sleepover with us!

A couple of updates:

#1: Turns out Nora’s mysterious “cousin” Oscar who was in Europe (which I thought she completely made up), is in fact an actual person. He is classmate of hers and was indeed on vacation in Europe. She even knew the name of the country he visited—Hampsterdam! This girl is too much.

#2: Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve traumatized our littlest and that she no longer enjoys taking baths. A few days after the “poopy in the tub” incident, we experienced a repeat performance. The oldest let us know about it straightaway, and Liam took his turn cleaning it all up. Thankfully, no grown-ups were in the bath at this time.

Still, I tried—as best you can with a toddler her age—to explain that if she needs to go poopy she needs to let us know so we can take her out of the tub.

“Why?” she asked me.

“Because it’s yucky,” I answered, wrinkling my face up to show my disgust.

“Oh,” she said, looking horrified and very sorry.

Two nights ago, she was in the tub for only a few minutes when she started yelling, “Out! Out!”

I inferred maybe she needed to go potty, so I placed her on the training ring on top of the toilet. She sat, but made no business. I put her in a diaper and minutes later she pooped. Such a smart little girl. I made an effort of being all excited and proud that she told us she had to go by saying she wanted out.

And then last night I gently reminded her once again about the poopy issue. She lasted in the tub maybe a minute before screaming, “Out!” This time though, I think she was crying wolf. I fear she fears our reaction should she go again, and just wants to avoid the situation at all costs.

So, no more lecturing from me. Poor gal. We’ll see how things go tonight.


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