A summary of the past twenty-four-ish hours.

The bad and the ugly:

      1. Woke up at 11:30 last night to Frances coughing. Realized moments later she was going to puke, woke up Liam, got her to the trash can ten seconds too late.
      2. Into the bathroom for clean-up of hands and face. Pajama change for Frances.
      3. Back to bed, armed with giant kitchen bowl (since most of trash can got the first batch and was sitting in the bathroom reeking away).
      4. Rested in bed with tossy-turny baby, eyes closed, though no sleep came.
      5. Repeat of puking six more times until 5:45 a.m., with a two-hour sleeping period from 3:30 until 5:45 a.m., where in-between responsibilities included: mom holding Frances and bowl, dad cleaning out bowl of puke, washing up kid’s face and hands, changing pajamas (two more times), sheets (one time) and pillowcases (twice). Also, had to somewhat wash Frances’s hair, though how she managed to get barf on the back of her head I still can’t quite figure out.
      6. Up and about before 6, with eyes burning and both girls ready to be awake for the day.

The good:

    1. Got to enjoy the day off from school, with Liam, making the weekend a four-day weekend.
    2. Enjoyed a long, hot, cleansing shower.
    3. Took a three-hour nap (Frances slept from 10:15 until nearly 3:00!).
    4.  Nearly all the weekend chores have been completed:
    • Weekly grocery shopping finished.
    • Fresh, clean sheets on all the beds.
    • Bathroom squeaky clean and disinfected.
    • House vacuumed.
    1. Frances back to her silly, rowdy self, except lacking an appetite.
    2. Nobody else has gotten sick. Yet.

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