Regression: a return to a former or less developed state.

Keeping things short tonight. This girl knows when to say enough is enough. After the week we’ve had, plus coming down with a full-fledged cold, a bubble bath and early bed are all I can fit into the rest of this day. Feeling beyond overjoyed that I get to savor another day off tomorrow. Thank you presidents, from the bottom of my heart.

I will leave you with a photo and a question to ponder: What is wrong with the scene below?


If you guessed that the younger child, and not the oldest, should be sitting in the baby highchair, as opposed to on her knees in the normal seat, you are correct. At least this situation was slightly better than the one before, where the only seat open when I came to dinner was the baby highchair. I insisted I would not be the one to sit there and that someone had better move unless they wanted me to take my dinner to eat in the basement, which, given my mood, may have been best for everyone.

The oldest actually prefers the baby seat, as of the past few weeks, so she obliged and gladly moved. Is she regressing since the baby is due to arrive in seven weeks and two days? (Not that I’m keeping exact count or anything). I think she might be as she now commonly refers to herself as “me” instead of “I” as the subject of many of her sentences.

Take for example, the following statements (this drives me totally crazy, by the way):

“Me do it.” “Me want daddy sleep with me.” “Me color using red crayon.”

This caveman speak from my child who has been forming grammatically correct sentences since she was twenty months old. What, oh what, do we have to look forward to once the baby actually gets here? I can’t wait to find out (note sarcasm, please).


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