A season of fasting…with some exceptions.

Lent begins today. I’ve given some thought to sacrifices I can make over the next forty days that will hopefully help me to be more mindful, healthful, and devoted, both to prayer and to my family.

While I will continue to try and write on this blog daily, I’m going to give up other forms of electronic media. My cell phone and I are breaking up for a spell, taking some time apart to “see other people.”

I will likely continue to use it to text, call, check weather, etc. But, I will refrain from using Facebook, Instagram (a new, rarely used app), reading news (both celebrity gossip sites as well as more respectable outlets), and listening to podcasts. Not sure if I can give up Amazon Prime. We are bound to need things that just can’t be bought in the store with as much ease and convenience.

Hopefully, this electronic abandonment will allow for more book and magazine reading, perhaps some letter writing, and in general, less distraction from and more attention to the kids, husband, gratefulness and grace.

In addition, I’ve gotten the husband to agree to give up sugar along with me. This will help us to be more healthy and conscious of the foods we put into our bodies. Also, I know for me, that once I get past the craving stage, my stress, anxiety and tiredness will lessen. And, if the baby should happen to not gain an extra pound or two these next seven weeks, then we will all be better for it (and by “we” I of course mean me and my lady bits).

It should be noted, however, that we ARE making some exceptions. Since Lent coincides with Birthday Season (Liam, the girls, and I all have March and April birthdays), and potentially the birth of our newest family member, we will be breaking the rules from time to time.

I know, I know…not a true sacrifice then, right? At this point though, I’ll take the best we can do. And if that means eating cake or ice cream or cookies or cupcakes (or a combination of up to and including all four), on the days during which all of us celebrate our birthdays, well, then I’m OK with that.

And, you’d better believe that I’ll be taking full advantage of my “free” meals at the hospital when the baby comes, and ordering some chocolate peanut butter pie. That pie alone may be reason enough to consider having a fourth child. Hmmmm…considering done. No deal.


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