Our children: Mini versions of us…or not?

As we wait these last weeks for our boy to arrive, I find I become consumed with excitement, thinking about how he will fit into our family. How his personality and behaviors may be similar to or different from the girls. What he’ll look like and whom he’ll resemble.

When Nora was born many remarked that she was the spitting image of me when I was a baby. One friend later said, “Look! A blond you!” Now that she’s a bit older I still see the resemblance, but I notice more of Liam in her physical appearance too. She’s got the same chubby, round cheeks he had as a boy, and a very slight dimple in her chin right where his is. She’s a pretty good mix of us both, I think. She definitely has her mother’s personality, though.

Frances, on the other hand. Well, we’ve never much seen a shared likeness with her, at least physically (she’s got Liam’s peaceful and easygoing spirit). Liam and I both have dark hair and eyes. Franny’s blond with bright blue eyes. In fact, people say she looks more like Liam’s brother. These kinds of statements are always sure to bring on awkward pauses and comments, which we of course just love.

My sister sent me the picture below via text yesterday with a note: This could be Nora and Frances. The picture is one that was taken of the two of us, at roughly the same ages as the girls, probably circa 1981. Seems Liam’s sibling isn’t the only one who shares a likeness with our youngest. If you put some blue eyes on my baby sister, she’d look like our girl too!


Whether they resemble us or not, they’re sure beautiful, our girls. Even if there’s something totally gone wrong with their thin, straw-like and brittle hair. They walk around with bed-head most of the day despite numerous attempts to comb out knots and nests in which small creatures very well could be living. But I’ll save that post for another day.

Can’t wait to meet the boy and see whom he favors. Me? His father? His grandparents? The mailman? That joke just never gets old.


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