Can you believe this springlike weather we’re having? And other causes for celebration.

After taking a brief break from writing to allow for copious amounts of vomiting, mixed with a twenty-four-hour headache, no appetite, bouts of dehydration, major Braxton-Hicks contractions, Tuesday morning heartburn, painful stomach cramping, chills, body aches, loads of sleep/catnapping/couch-sitting, extreme exhaustion/breathlessness, and general lousiness of physical and emotional condition, I am back!

Today’s post is dedicated to all the blessings I am happy to count right now after suffering miserably for the past forty-eight hours.

1. I’m feeling mostly human again, despite being utterly exhausted, and, well, you know, apart from the whole alien growing inside my belly thing.

2. When I stepped outside into the late afternoon/early evening weather today, it felt like springtime to my frozen soul! I unzipped my jacket and even let the windows in the car creep down just a bit. This feels nearly like flip flop weather, I thought to myself. It must be almost fifty degrees! I checked my weather app and saw it was, in fact, just 31 degrees, but “feels like” 23. Hmmm…goes to show what a little perspective can do. At least it wasn’t minus anything!

3. I have a fresh new haircut and newly painted toes. Yay for pampering!

4. The midwife at my appointment this evening assured me that the baby she felt, seemingly threatening to drop out of my body any day now, was not an enormous one, and in fact, might shape up to be a 7.5-pounder, at the rate he’s growing. While I recognize this laying on of hands by a midwife is not an exact science, this mama, who’s already pushed out a 9-pounder and an almost-9-pounder was relieved to hear the prediction!

5. And last, but certainly, not least, is the fact that when I came home this evening, I saw no evidence of mice despite random food items being left strewn about the house for days. Liam did a phenomenal job of holding down the fort with the girls the past two days, while I lay about moaning and sighing, but let’s face it, we were all in basic survival mode. Half-eaten bowls of cereal, random fruit peels, half-empty glasses of milk and juice, and lots of crumbs of I-don’t-even-know-what are littered about the various counters and tabletops in our home. Now that I am back to feeling like Supermom again, I will be ready to tackle the mess anew tomorrow. Or the next day. Or even surely, the day after that.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: a continuation of the love story that began a few days ago, yet was so rudely interrupted by violent illness.


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