What are we going to do with a third child?

Seriously. What are we going to do?

Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I started getting stressed out about adding another body to this family. I feel like we have our hands full all the time as it is. What were we thinking? And having them so close together?

There’s a reason that throughout human history child-spacing has occurred naturally every four years or so. It makes sense to me that the body should wait until a firstborn child is older and more self-sufficient before it decides to have another. But, having these babies two years apart? Total craziness.

But, I will be thirty-seven in little over a month (I know, apart from the gray hair, I don’t look a day past twenty-three), and we wanted to try for a boy, so it was either keep-them-a-comin’ or just stop and say enough is enough. As you know, we decided to keep going. I don’t regret it for a second, but man-oh-man am I feeling overwhelmed.

Last night I was considering posting an ad to Craiglist for a roommate so we could keep the adult-to-child ratio in balance once the new baby gets here. I’d even be open to the possibility of letting the roommate live and board for free. So long as she is open to changing diapers, giving baths, cleaning the house, doing laundry, cooking an occasional meal, co-sleeping with one or more of our children (we only have the two giant beds, although I guess she could sleep on the couch if she prefers), and maybe, just if she’s feeling up to it, being a wet nurse from time to time.

Sounds like a pretty good offer, don’t you think?


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