Excuse time.

Over the next few weeks, if I happen to miss a day of writing and posting to the blog, it could possibly be assumed that I have:

A) fallen asleep with one or more of the children ahead of my bedtime and against my will (as happened one night last week)

B) gone into labor and given birth to a child

C) gone off the deep end, motivated by ever an increasing lack of patience, screaming children, messy house, and raging hormones, or

D) fled to Mexico

I nearly fell asleep with both girls again tonight (it’s a basketball night). Well, I did fall asleep for a spell. But an overactive bladder, which is being squashed by what must surely be a nine-pound baby by now, forced a bathroom break.

And so, I rallied to type out these words. Now it’s back to bed and the warmth of my babies, one of whom will be four tomorrow!


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