One more snow event? Yes, please!

The local forecast is calling for more snow to begin falling sometime tomorrow, early in the morning. We are likely to see anywhere from three to five inches. The timing of this event will be everything. Will there be a delay? An early dismissal? It’s hard to say, but this tired mama is hoping for something. Please, please don’t pass us by

I’d like nothing better than an early start to the weekend. Then, assuming the baby stays put, I’ll have just one more full week of school, next week, followed by two four-day weeks and a four-day long Easter weekend in between. I think I can, I think I can.

We are nearly there. We have almost made it. (And of course, by “we” I most certainly mean “I”). That’s right. I’m taking selfish credit alone for enduring these past nine months. Can I really have been pregnant all the way back in July? Craziness. Seems like a lifetime ago. 

The girlies. Enjoying some food from the cultural celebration at mommy’s school tonight.


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