I freaking LOVE lists.

A good friend recently shared a Huffington Post article to her Facebook Timeline: “11 Things Every ‘Type A’ Person Wants You to Know.” It was a very entertaining read. And satisfying too, since it summed up so well characteristics and personality traits I share with others who proudlyor regretfully, I suppose—belong to the group Type A.

Number three on the post: We live by to-do lists.

It’s true. To-do lists, grocery lists, lists for projects, packing lists, lists of spices in the spice rack, lists of bills to pay each month, lists of emergency contact info on the refrigerator for whoever may need it, master shopping list of all the things you might buy in your house and from which stores lists. Even lists of lists. Because, why not?

I love them all. I get extreme satisfaction from creating lists. And being able to cross off items from lists. It should be noted that ALL list items rarely ever get crossed out, but still. It should also be noted that I prefer paper lists to lists electronic.

I have tried apps on my phone for project, grocery, and to-do lists, yet I find pen and paper to be more efficient for me to process. Even back when I had to use a Palm Pilot for work—remember those—I still ended up using pen and paper more often than not.

I think this post is rather timely, as I’ve decided, somewhat spur of the moment—either bravely, or stupidly, I’ll let you know—to drive with the three kids, sans husband (he will be working), to Connecticut to visit the in-laws for a few days.

Just this morning, I grabbed my trusty, edited many times, packing list from last summer’s trips to both Connecticut and Lake George. (I kept the worn-out, inked-up list in a drawer in my nightstand table—knowing it was a good one—so it could be used again and again).

I should admit, though, that while my list-making skills are excellent, my packing skills are not. I often go above and beyond the list, at least in the clothing department, and end up overpacking much more than I need to. This has to do with decision-making difficulty and needing to feel prepared for every kind of possible weather event.

Thankfully, I had my husband on hand to help tonight. He vetoed about half of what I wanted to pack, reminding me that I could do laundry at his dad’s house if I need to. I probably will still throw some extra things in the bags tomorrow, when he’s not looking, just in case.

Guess I should go make a list for that.


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