Priorities people!

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Lately mine have been reading novels start-to-finish never mind whatever else needs to be done, including minding the children. And, listening to Serial spinoff podcasts. For those of you not-in-the-know, Serial was a podcast that debuted this past fall detailing the murder of a high school girl in Baltimore in 1999, and the subsequent arrest and imprisonment of her ex-boyfriend. 

I binge-listened to the episodes this winter, when I was still pregnant with Rowan. The plot was gripping and the storytelling hugely engaging. I couldn’t get enough, and like the TV show Lost—the only other media I have binge-consumed—I was sad to see it end.

This summer, one of my Charlotte, NC cousins alerted me to the fact that there are all kinds of spinoff podcasts for the Serial-ly obsessed. And so, I’ve been listening to a couple of those, too. 

Which is why tonight (right now actually!), after I’ve miraculously gotten three children settled and to bed before eight—usually there is at least one stage-five clinger still awake at nine—I am going to indulge in a bath and listen to one (or two!) of this past week’s recent episodes.

So, while you may be catching up on the Bachelor/ette, perusing the latest issue of a celebrity gossip magazine, drinking your second glass of wine alongside a homemade chocolate brownie with peanut butter chips—or whatever your guilty pleasure(s) may be—rest assured knowing that l’m going to be tuning in to the ever-ongoing-saga of a poor dead girl and the evidence and speculation surrounding her murder, as told by three practicing attorneys and one fire chief named Bob.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet checked out Serial, get on it! You don’t know what you’re missing!


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