Heard around the house.

Nora: “Mom? Do you ever laugh?”

Me: “Ummm…yes.”

Nora: “When?”

She must’ve caught me on a bad day.


Nora: (singing a song to remember the days of the week) “Sunday, Monday…”

Frances: (cuts in) “Tuesday…Threes-day, Fours-day!”

So not right. But I love how she’s trying to apply what she knows. Ha! She’s a comedic genius already. And not even three years old!


The girls are super used to me being silly and speaking utter nonsense. That’s why I wanted to highlight the below conversation between Frances and me, since–without missing a beat–she replied to me in the same silly manner in which she was asked about the contents of her diaper.

Me: “Frances, you have any poopers in there?”

Frances: “No. Just peepers.”


Me: “I only got four munchkins. So, Nora, that’s two for you and two for Frances.”

Nora: (slyly) “Or, mama. It could be three for me and one for Frances.”

Me: “Yes, it could be. But it’s not.”

Nora: (giggles)

My budding mathematician.


Nora: “Mama. Know what I wanna be for Halloween?”

Me: “No. What?”

Nora: “A princess.”

Frances: “Know what I be, mama?”

Me: “What, Franny?”

Frances: “Goo-goo ga-ga head.”

Nora and Me: (hysterical laughter)

Always with the goo-goo ga-ga head, that one.


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