Back to school, back to school. To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.

If you get the title reference, you are either an Adam Sandler fan, or you were a college-ish-age kid—like me—circa 1996-1997. At least that’s when I remember binge-watching all of those silly flicks.

Anyway, the point is: I am starting a new job. Tomorrow. What?!

That’s right. Sometime over the past month and a half I managed to get my resume out to some schools, land an interview, and secure a full time job teaching ESL to grades 3-5 at a local elementary school (very similar to my last teaching job in PA).

I have mixed feelings about it all. I’m looking forward to having some more time to myself—like enjoying the fifteen minute ride between work and home to listen once again to NPR. Or just the sound of silence. I’m also looking forward to making some connections with other adults. And, can’t say I’m troubled by the fact that we’ll once again be a two-income family.

However, leaving behind my three little buddies will be very hard. I feel like maybe—just maybe—I finally got the hang of this stay-at-home mom thing. Sure, those little nuts drive me bonkers every day. But I’ve been in a real place of peace with them lately. And I’ll miss our weekly trips to the library, the beach playground, and the seaport in Mystic. I will NOT, however, miss the grocery trips with all of them in tow.

I’ll rest easy, though, because we’ve found someone AMAZING—again, with the help of the Internet—to care for the kids. We’re batting four for four here with our sitter success stories. We’ve hung out with our new friend a handful of times already, and even my clingiest Frances approves. In fact, Nora today told me that she just wants me to go back to work already so she can get on with the business of hanging out with the sitter. Ha!

At least I know we’ve chosen well. Wish me luck this week!



My three littles at the local St. Patrick’s Day parade this afternoon. They are all tired and sunny-eyed!



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