The stomach bug strikes again!

What’s a mother to do? I thought after last year’s four-time (!) bout of the pukeys, we might’ve gotten a free pass this go-round. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

Nora got sick yesterday morning all over her car seat while she was on an outing with the sitter. I ended up coming home from work early after the second vomit episode, which happened—gratefully—in the kitchen. I was present for times three through five, most of which ended up in the toilet. We had to do a sheet-change on one of the beds. At least it was early enough we were able to go to bed on time. Everyone slept well, and Nora was significantly better this morning. Still, I decided to take a sick day to stay home with the kids.

Midday, I was feeling GREAT that no one else had yet gotten sick. Could we get away with just one ill kiddo? Even though all three had been sharing a water bottle all weekend? Think positive thoughts!

When I went to get Frances from her nap at 3:00 this afternoon, I noticed bright pink chunks all over her sheets and blankets. Maybe even one of the library books, but they don’t need to know, right? Don’t worry, I won’t return it until the grace period for contagious live viruses expires. I never could get a straight answer from Frances whether she puked in her sleep, or right when she woke up. In any case, I threw her into the bathtub, stripped the second set of bedsheets, and went to wake up the baby.

At least he was well. Until…he wasn’t. Poor little guy. This is his first time with a case of the spit-ups as we like to call them around here. He doesn’t know what’s going on. I’m just grateful his little body cues when he’s ready to go so I can get him to the sink in time. As I write this it’s past time for his bedtime nursing session. I’ve held off because I know it’s just going to come right back up. And there’s very little that smells worse than projectile-vomitted breastmilk. Ugh. Just thinking about it is making me queasy.

I’ve been telling Liam for the past hour that I know it’s coming for me. I can feel the storm brewing. He thinks it’s all in my head. I guess time will tell.

Writing the blog post tonight seemed like a tall order given all that’s gone down in our house today, but hey—A post a day in May, right?

Gotta get it done.


Enjoying (?) a sink bath after his first spit-ups.


Sad little guy. But so snuggly! He’s never this still. We are loving the cuddles.


5 thoughts on “The stomach bug strikes again!

  1. ahmeliahmeli

    Here’s hoping the bug soon leaves! Oh the hearts of mothers. Amazing, isn’t it? I was just thinking today that my husband NEEDS to be the one who cleans up the vomit. I. Just. Can’t.

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  2. Anne

    This has been quite a year for illness. We just finished up a round of the flu…dead to the world, whole body aches, fevers for 5 straight days, migraine….flu! This is the fourth illness since Owens been born & luckily the one he avoided (knocking on wood) though he’s stuffy with another cold.
    Hope you stay well…no time for a mama to get sick! We’re still catching up from last week when I was down & that’s even with my mom coming over to do homework, laundry & meals. Still no one like mom when you’re sick .
    Stay well! And if u see warm sunshine up there, send her our way. This cool wet weather is great for the peas but we’ve gotta open some windows round here!

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    1. powerskirstin Post author

      Sorry to hear about your illnesses. So tough to try and take care of yourself while also caring for little people! Glad your mom was able to help out. I’m sure she was happy to do it! 🙂 And no sunshine here. We’ve had rain for days and days, and it’s expected to last through the weekend. 😩 Happy Mother’s Day!! Stay warm and dry…and well!



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