Heard around the house.

Keeping it brief tonight because this mama is TIRED! And in denial about having to go back to work tomorrow. πŸ˜”

While Liam was making dinner earlier tonight, the girls had been playing in the living room. All of a sudden, Frances started screaming at Nora to stop whatever it was she was doing—I couldn’t see—and then Nora burst into tears and came running into the kitchen, where I was putting away some groceries.

Nora: (crying loudly and being overly dramatic) “Mommy! Frances pinched me! And she did it really hard and on purpose.”

Frances: (pouting pathetically) “But Nora took my car and she wouldn’t give it back!”

Me: “Nora. You need to LISTEN when your sister asks you to stop. And Frances. We. Don’t. Pinch.”

Frances: (without missing a beat, and with the slightest sly smile developing) “But Mom. I was just pretending to be a crab.”

Me: Did she really just say that? Yes. Yes she did. Now, turn your head so no one can see you busting a gut.

My child is hilarious. 


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