Where has the time gone?

The house right next door to us is inhabited by no less than twenty-seven college students. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But I see them coming and going all the time, and I swear I never recognize a one of them. It always seems as though I’m seeing each young person for the first time. 

At night, Nora loves pointing out that they still have a Christmas tree up in their living room—a sight we can easily see from the window in our stairway as it looks right into the neighbors’ downstairs. 

“Isn’t that so silly, Mommy? Christmas was a long time ago, and they still have their tree!”

Yep. That’s about right. Those silly college students! 

The college neighbors had their graduation today. And, since about 1:30 this afternoon, they’ve been partying both inside and outside their home. Loudly. At first, there was some really embarrassing karaoke going on. There was an outdoor microphone set up and some girl was singing the national anthem. Let’s just say she was no Kelly Clarkson. Is Kelly Clarkson even still relevant?

Moving on. 

Then, there were these really awkward speeches made by the young grads to their parents, who were also in attendance for a spell. The speeches were not just awkward because the kids were fumbling their words and cracking up nervously every few minutes—they were also being microphoned loudly throughout the neighborhood, and likely every house on the block could hear the grads’ heartfelt attempts at sounding meaningful and grateful.

Can it really be that sixteen years have passed since I graduated from college? 16 YEARS?! The time has just flown by. On the one hand, it seems like yesterday we were standing around on a Saturday playing beer pong like our neighbors are doing quite loudly and proudly as I type these words. On the other hand, I know that if I tried to drink now like they’re doing next door, I’d not be able to get out of bed for a week or more. I had that kind of tolerance a lifetime ago.

Sixteen years is a LONG time. We have been removed from that era for awhile now, but that didn’t stop Liam and I from glancing enviously over the fence this afternoon and secretly confessing to one another that we wouldn’t mind reliving the glory days once again. College was the best of times. Truly. I mean, there were shameful and embarrassing moments, for sure, but they were just the best.

In the end, since we couldn’t leave our children to join them in their celebration, we did the next best thing. We cranked up some Dave Matthews Band, and we cracked open some beers. We had our own little living room dance party with the kids, and, after we put the little ones down to sleep, we refrained from calling the cops as the volume grew louder and louder and the evening got later and later. Even though the noise threatened to wake our babies from their slumber. Even though the noise DID wake one little baby from his slumber.

Update: I’m pretty sure someone else just did call the cops, because for the first time since mid-afternoon, it’s quiet over there. Either that, or the party has moved elsewhere.

Ah, college. ❤️


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