Living by the water.

For years the hubs had been telling me that my hometown—the place we lived for seven years together up until this past October—was growing on him. 

“I love Lancaster,” he’d say. “If I could just pick it up and move it near the ocean and my family, Id never want to move.” (I’ve found that people who grow up near the water always have a special place for it in their souls).

Well, now two out of his three wishes have come true.We are living near the ocean and we are much, much closer to his family. Like, a mile away from his brother, and not too much farther from both of his parents. 

Sadly, it means I’m away from my family, and also my hip hometown. Our new town—although charming and not lacking potential—is nothing like the thriving downtown we left behind. I miss Central Market, coffee shops, restaurants, and the constant buzz of local activity.

But I will say this: living by the water is pretty fantastic. 

I always thought I’d like to live in the mountains. My two favorite places I’ve ever lived EVER were in Vermont and New Hampshire, surrounded by mountains and fresh water. I’ve always enjoyed hiking and much prefer lake and river swimming to the salty ocean water.

However, this morning—along with many mornings since we’ve moved to the Connecticut coast—I enjoyed an early walk along a nearby road overlooking the water. There’s something so energizing about waking up and starting your day outside, surrounded by natural beauty. I admit, the salty smell of the sea and the funkiness of low tide is starting to grow on me.

It may never smell like my first home. Amish country and cow manure is pretty stiff competition. And while Liam may still fake retch and dry heave once we venture back and cross into Lancaster County, the fresh smell of cow shit spread on a farmer’s field will always bring on a slow an easy smile for me. Aahhh, home.

Maybe one day we will move back to Lancaster. Or have a home near some mountains. For now, though, I’m feeling grateful for our chance to experience life along this salty coast.


3 thoughts on “Living by the water.

  1. Anne

    I’ve so looked forward to reading your posts every night. It’s my go-to this month during middle of the night nursing, that is-when I can keep my eyes open, something to ponder as I sit here in the dark for one of the two or three times I’m up at night.

    Tonight’s post elicits thoughts that are particularly heavy on my heart. We’re continually talking about making the move to Tioga, with really only two things keeping us back. First, jobs. Second, and the more heavy-hearted one, the thought of living so far from my mom, who’s a super involved grandma & really the best mom in the world.

    We would love to raise the boys in a slower lifestyle; be surrounded by nature, woods, fresh water; run wilderness camps and smell pines instead of shit everyday. We found a house we’re checking out at the end of the month, which has potential. It feels so right to pick up & move towards our dreams, but so hard to leave family hours away to do that. I guess we’ll see what doors open & pray. The universe usually speaks to you if you listen.

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    1. powerskirstin Post author

      I feel your pain. My parents are very involved too and also the greatest ever. And I love and miss them dearly. It’s not the same being around family that’s not the family you were born into. Fortunately, we travel back and forth frequently. Also, my parents and siblings like to travel, so they’ve already been here a few times and will continue to visit. It does make my heart hurt though as we once saw my parents every Saturday, and the kids don’t have that time now. But we made the move based on what was best for our family at the time. And nothing is forever. If you try it and it doesn’t feel right, you give it a few years and make a change. Would your mom come to stay for a time? Could you buy a place with a room for her? It might ease the pain of living away if she could come for weeks or a month at a time. Might be good for her soul to be in that kind of serene setting too. You guys have talked about moving for so long. You’ve got to pursue your dreams 🙂 I wish you peace moving forward! And thanks for reading. ❤️


      1. Anne

        Thanks for the words of encouragement & sharing.
        The place we’re looking at is probably a complete re-do….but that seems to be what we do😊. It’s currently 3 units , so it has the potential to have one unit remain guest quarters (family and vacation rental….possibly) ?? We’ll see what shape it’s in when we get there. Our hope would be to offer her a place to stay for extended time & be able to have family gatherings there. I guess time will tell & we’ll follow our hearts..


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