#1: We are homeowners! Very exciting news, I know. And the reason why you’ve not heard from me for over two months. I’m still here, and will write on, but I’ve had to take some time to pack, unpack, organize and be a mom/wife! I’ve been fairly cranky about it all, but life has settled somewhat and we are very happy with our new home. Pictures to come, I hope.

#2: Nora and Frances will be starting school in just over a month. Nora will be in kindergarten! And little Franny will be starting a preschool program full time. That, I just can’t imagine, but she will do great I’m sure.

#3: Frances—while not totally potty-trained—has taken to wearing shorts and pants sans diapers AND sans undies, and peeing outside in the grass. She’s still terrified of going on any kind of toilet/training seat/potty chair, but I’m thinking of it as progress. I don’t know why she doesn’t like undies. Nor do I know why she prefers the tickling of grass on her bum to the plush comfort of the potty ring plastic. Please help.

#4: Rowan is officially a walker. I was sure he’d be walking at nine months. And though he’s known how to since April, he’s just this past month started walking more than crawling. He’s hysterical to watch. Today he tried running for the first time. He was like an out of control drunk person trapped in a sixteen-month-old’s body.

#5: In addition to teaching full time at a local elementary school, I am going to try teaching a community college class two nights a week this fall. I hope I’m not in over my head, but I wanted to try it out and see how things go. We need the extra income as we will likely be replacing not one, but TWO furnaces in the next year. No more relying on the good old landlords to get the job done.

#6: I’ve started writing a book! Well, at least I’ve got a working title, an introductory sentence (that’s right, I said sentence!), and an idea. So, um, yeah. Maybe in a decade or two I’ll have enough to work with to figure something out.

Until then, I’ll keep typing away at the Roost!




2 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Anne

    Congratulations all around! We miss you guys & are glad everyone’s doing well. Best wishes as you settle everyone & everything into your new home and as you take on the college class. I’d be curious to know what you’re teaching and happy to share any materials I have that might be useful to you.
    Hugs to you all!

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    1. powerskirstin Post author

      Hi! Missing you too. I’m teaching an advanced level ESL class. They must pass the class in order to enter the general English class. I’d love to take a look at anything you have to share! Feeling a little overwhelmed. 😁 I start tomorrow. Hopefully things go smoothly and we all get into a nice rhythm. Hugs!



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