I wanna hold your ha-ah-ah-ah-and. I wanna hold your hand.

There is full-on Beatlemania in our house right now. It’s been the soundtrack to the second half of our summer, along with Rowan’s variations of the lyrics to the ditty commonly known as “Do you know the Muffin Man?” For example: Do you know the Ice Cream Man? The one who lives on Sprinkles Lane, of course. And then there’s: Do you know the Motorcycle Man? He happens to live on Muffin Man Lane. And finally, the ever popular Golf Man, who sometimes, like the Muffin Man, lives on Drury Lane, or when Rowan has difficulty pronouncing that—Journey Lane.

Our Beatlemania began when I picked up a Kidz Bop Beatles cover songs CD at the local library. The girls recognized two right away—Blackbird and Let it Be—since Liam had included them on a past playlist of bedtime songs. We listened to the CD nonstop in the car for two weeks. Nora wanted us to skip around to all her favorites, while Rowan wanted to listen to one specific song only on repeat, and Frances demanded to hear every song, without skipping, as she emphatically stated she loved them all.

When we are not in the car, the kids are either humming or singing Beatles tunes, or asking for them to be played on the various devices around the house. When I mentioned their Beatles love to a good friend recently, she told me about an animated kids’ show on Netflix called Beat Bugs, which includes Beatles songs in each episode. Naturally, they are addicted to that now too.

I’m excited for them to hang out with my mom in a couple of weeks when she comes to visit, so they can serenade her and she can sing along. I love that they love music that reminds so much of my mom. And I love that they love music that is timeless and just so, so good.

Nora’s favorite: Let it Be

Rowan’s favorite: Blackbird

Frances’s favorite: all of them


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