A day filled with simple pleasures.

I got to sleep in this morning until seven o’clock. Someone else made the morning coffee. My parents and my niece came over to the house after Liam had gone to work to hang out with the girls for a couple of hours so I could run normal Saturday grocery errands without having to worry about holding hands and toddlers in addition to heavy bags.

I got to visit with my sister for a bit, a nice surprise. And even though Nora didn’t nap, I closed my eyes and rested on the couch for an hour while she tried on outfit after outfit that my sister had just donated to us—hand-me-down clothes her daughter can no longer wear.

After Frances woke up from her nap, the girls and I drove to Strasburg and I purchased a beautiful refinished dresser, in my favorite shade of blue, for the baby’s clothes (pictures will follow once we get things set up properly).

Liam put both girls to bed after he got home from work. I took an extra-long bath and finished a book I’d been reading. The girls have been sleeping soundly for hours, and I get to go to sleep in a minute, looking forward to spending the whole day with my family tomorrow, in what’s supposed to be fifty-degree weather. A trip to the park might be in order, although muddy, due to melting snow.

Life is pretty good.  


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