Early morning alone time.

I woke up this morning earlier than anyone else. It was unusual that the littlest wasn’t the first to wake with her shouts of “Eat! Up! Eat, mama!” Even more unusual was the fact that she let me escape the bed without waking immediately to follow me, or even soon after.

I delighted in the promise of some early morning quiet. I started the electric kettle to make hot water for coffee, and then headed to the couch to lounge for a bit. It wasn’t long before I started thinking of all the things I needed to do. Of course, I couldn’t just sit and relax, practice being still, or even exercise. Although I’m eight weeks away from my due date, the nesting stage is in full effect. So, I grabbed the laptop and logged in to my Amazon account to do some pre-baby-arrival shopping.

After that, I hopped on to the La Leche League site to purchase the Tandem nursing book I’ve been wanting to read. How is it that Amazon and Barnes and Noble are selling this book for $40-plus, but La Leche has it for $14.95? Makes no sense to me.

Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 7.10.33 PM

After I spent far too much money than seems appropriate before 6:30 a.m., I got up to make the coffee. We make our coffee each morning using a French press. We typically grind our beans at night since it’s such a noisy process, and somebody is almost always still sleeping in the morning when it’s time to make the coffee (Liam is much better at remembering to do this than I am).

It just so happened that both of us forgot about the beans last night, so I found myself considering some options. I could grind the beans in the kitchen and risk waking the little people. Or, I could simply wait until everyone was awake before I made a ruckus. Or, I could unplug the grinder from its spot in the kitchen, move it as far away from the bedroom as possible, plug it into the outlet behind the couch in the living room, and then proceed to grind the beans on the arm of the couch while smothering the damn thing with a pillow, hit-man style to muffle all the noise. I think it’s pretty obvious that I chose this last option. And, it worked beautifully. Well, almost

I was able to brew the coffee, pour a hot cup, carry it with me back to the couch, and almost continue enjoying my hour of solitude. I sat down, put my feet up, brought the cup to my mouth, and was then promptly startled by my littlest’s sneaking presence in the room.

“Boppy!” she’d noticed, proudly.

“Yes,” I replied. “Mama’s coffee.”

“Hot-hot,” she added, waving her hand back and forth dramatically.

“Sure is,” I chuckled. How can little people be so damn animated and energized upon waking? It just isn’t right.

And so, just like that, the peace and quiet was gone. In its place came snuggles and kisses, demands to be fed, “Eat! Eat!” and companionship. Not a bad way to begin the day.

Picking her toe jam.

Picking her toe jam. A recent fascination.

Trying on mommy's sweatshirts for fun.

Trying on mommy’s sweatshirts for fun.


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