Who wants to take a bath tonight? Not me!

The girls have been hating on bath time recently. I’m not sure why. Once we actually get them in the tub they can happily play for some time. It’s just the getting them there in the first place that proves difficult.

Tonight, as I was finishing my own treasured bath, I overheard the following conversation from my husband and the girls, who had been coloring at the dining room table.

Husband: (trying to sound super excited about his next offer) Who’s ready to take a bath?

Oldest: (not moved) Not me!!!

Youngest: (copying) No me!!!

Husband: (persuasively) It’ll just be a quick one. You can dunk in and get all the paint off your face and that’s it. Then we can come back and color.

Oldest: (resolutely) No thanks, daddy.

Youngest: No me bubby! (not me tubby)

Husband: Who wants to get in the bath if I give you an M&M?

Oldest: (hopping out of chair to quickly undress) Me!

Youngest: Meeee!!!! (running to mom with arms up in the air to undress)

Husband: (turning to wife) Sometimes I just don’t feel like arguing.

I’m not here to judge. So we bribe our children with candy from time to time to get them to do what we want. After the day I’ve had, I could care less about tooth decay and before-bed sugar bursts. The girls are now enjoying a tea party in the tub, drinking dirty bath water and all. And I’m totally fine with that. Let’s call it a night, already.


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