You know your level of fitness has reached an all-time low when…

…when the swim session you imagined would be graceful, leisurely, and strength affirming, results in your almost leaving the gym after just one lap up and back the length of the pool.

Things started out OK enough. I greeted the two other swimmers in the open lap lane and managed not to feel too intimidated, despite their large, well defined arm muscles and quick pace. (I think the size and shape of my belly gave away the fact that I was not going to be competitive, looking to make time, and would not be able to keep up in any sense with the two of them). Thankfully, instead of seeming annoyed with a very round slowpoke, they told me to jump right in and to take my time. Bless them.

After my initial lap up and back, I grew so winded I thought my heart might explode inside my chest. My arm and thigh muscles burned as though I’d just partipcated in an Olympic weightlifting challenge and then run a marathon on top of that. 

It was a good thing that the local high school team was practicing nearby, as well as my two other lap lane swimmer friends. Their presence made me feel as though my lame ass couldn’t get out of the pool after these two pathetic swims the length of the pool. So, trying not to feel bad about it all, I stopped and rested, and started again. 

All in all, I probably only made it eight full laps, up and back. In forty minutes. (That included a lot of resting and floating and treading water in the deep end). But, those were eight laps better than I’d done yesterday. Or, in the past several years. And so, it is a start. Something upon which to build.

And, as an added, hoped for bonus, for the first time in many, many days, it didn’t feel as though someone had taken a hammer to my lady bones when I tried to step up into the car as I was leaving the gym. Turns out swimming may be just what I need to cope with the pressure pain I’ve been having down there. At this point, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make these last weeks as comfortable as they can be!


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