An evening of small victories.

After puking off and on for three days, eating little more than nibbles of toast, drinking water and juice only when forced by her concerned parents, logging more couch time and watching more TV than ever before in just three days, and crawling around because “I just can’t walk, Mommy,” the oldest child seems to be (knock on wood) coming around to some sense of health. She’s eaten some soup tonight and is drinking without threat from her parents. She’s even begun to sing again some of her favorite movie musical ditties. Thank goodness for all of this!

The youngest wanted to wear undies after bath tonight, and announced, promptly after peeing in said underpants, that she had to go potty. She then sat confidently on the potty, without fear, and finished her business (never done before!). We were all jubilant! Even the proud older sister who only hours before had been catatonic.

The husband made a scrumptious dinner, served up with a glass of wine, and cleaned the kitchen afterwards. And took the girls for a walk so I could take an early bath. And got them ready for bed and entertained them while I hid away in bed reading my latest Kindle title (yes, a romance novel; I almost went for a literary award winner, but then decided against it at the last moment).

Nursing the littlest now as I finish typing on my phone. Then picking up my book to enjoy some more reading before sleep.

Feeling totally grateful.


For how many more days will I get to enjoy this pregnancy perk?



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