The storm before the storm?

What happened to the calm, you ask? That’s what I’d like to know.

In the middle of the night, sometime around 1:30 a.m., Liam and I awoke to a pre-puking cough warning from Frances. I sat up in a hurry, forgetting my huge belly, in an effort to retrieve a trash can. I didn’t make it in time. 

After changing sheets, blankets, pjs, and resettling back into bed, I discovered that my body was starting to develop a pretty regular rhythm of contractions. I’m not sure if it was the physical reaction of sitting up so suddenly, or the stress and anxiety of dealing with another sick kid, but it seemed like labor had begun.

However, after about two hours, two more spit-ups, a shower, and a snack of peanut butter and banana toast, I was able to fall back to sleep. A total stall.

I stayed home from work today with our little sicko just in case things would start to progress further. Franny and I rested a lot and did loads of pukey sheets and blankets in the laundry.

After Nora came home from school we all enjoyed a walk around the neighborhood on this seasonably warm afternoon. Ever since then I’ve been pretty uncomfortable (in a good way if you consider the pain and pressure to be an early sign of impending labor, which I do!). But, contractions are still not regular or super frequent, so who really knows.

We just returned from another walk, post-dinner, with Liam. The girls walked nearly the whole loop around the neighborhood, a sure sign that this winter has been a terrible one (they usually walk for a bit and then request to be carried or ride in the stroller). They were loving running and skipping about in the fresh air.

Halfway through the 25-minute walk, Liam and I glanced at the troubling sky, which was only slightly, if brightly, cloudy when we set out. Dark, storm clouds had begun rolling in at a concerning speed. Neither one of us had known about or expected a storm this evening. I reached for my phone to check the weather, and the advisory confirmed our suspicions. A serious hail-producing thunderstorm was due to hit our area in fifteen minutes. We picked the girls up and put them in the stroller and walked briskly home. 

We did get caught in the rain and wind for a few minutes, though thankfully no hail or lightning. And, I may have thought, just for a moment, that our fast pace and laughter at our situation was going to bring on the baby.

Now I’m settled on the couch and resting comfortably again, wondering what the night will bring. 

More puking? Or has the stomach bug decided to finally let us be? More contractions? A trip to the hospital? To make things even more dramatic, my parents, our Plan A for caring for the girls should we need to go to the hospital, are halfway to Atlanta by now, on a trip to visit my dad’s mom, who turns 90 this weekend. We have Plans B and C in place. Should make for an interesting next 48 hours.

Or, alternatively, I could wake up, still pregnant, feeling like a million bucks, and head into work for one more day before the week’s end. Only time will tell.

Pictures below show the sky just a few minutes apart from our walk.




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