An unexpected and TOTALLY entertaining surprise.

I’ve been perusing lots of different cookbooks lately to find inspiration from new recipes. I’ve borrowed some books from friends and checked some out of the library. I’m so short on time these days, that rather than take a moment to write down an appealing looking recipe, I’ll just take a quick photo on my phone. I’m not sure if this entirely legal, but it’s been working for me. 

I do, however, know this: Few things are better than going to check on an image stored in your photo feed, and then finding no less than 408—That’s right.  I counted. By fours—pictures that your VERY amateur five-year-old took sometime when you weren’t looking.

Mirror selfie # 1 of 3.

Selfies 1-26: The art of wispy hair and a serious face.

Is the ‘capture photo’ button on my camera EXTREMELY sensitive, or insanely fun to push, or does my child just love the look of the same image over and over and over…and over again? I don’t know, but it’s wildly amusing. 

Peter Rabbit close-ups with some questionable dark spaces.

Liam and I have been looking at these this evening and just cracking up imagining Nora so seriously attempting to document her subjects around the house.

Two ceiling fans, more dark shit, a car book, is that an actual smile in a selfie?, some blurry shots, and Pete the Cat.

And then there were about a hundred of Nora just holding up random puzzle pieces in front of the camera. These were perhaps my favorite of the bunch (see below):

We’ll call this series: “Look what I’ve got!”

These were so flipping funny to look at, that I think I will actually encourage Nora to borrow the phone from time to time to practice her craft. And provide me with fodder for the blog, as well as minutes upon minutes of entertainment!


One thought on “An unexpected and TOTALLY entertaining surprise.

  1. Anne

    So funny!
    Aaron also loves to steal away with the camera (days of old) and now my iPhone cam .
    I went through a bunch of his old photos once & made a collage on shutterfly. Some just needed to be published!
    This post was a good reminder to go through & do that again:)
    I do love the puzzle pieces but that serious face with wispy bangs rocks!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person


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